Microsoft Surface tablet vs Apple's new IPad

A common comparison today amongst tablets is Apple’s new iPad ( new IPad) vs Microsoft’s latest tablet Surface. They are both different and may appeal to different audience. Microsoft surface is released and will be available soon. Surface is priced reasonably well. Microsoft Surface is available in two variants , full-featured install of Windows 8 Pro and another with Windows RT powered by an Nvidia ARM CPU



Microsoft Surface


1.44 lbs

9.4mm , Lighter

4:3 Aspect ratio

1.48 lbs and 1.99 lbs

9.3mm, the Surface is just 0.1mm thinner than the iPad

16:9 Aspect ratio


Apple A5X dual-core

Intel Ivy Bridge chipset,  Nvidia Tegra 3


9.7″ display

Density is  263ppi

2048×1536 retina display, very clear and bright.

10.6″ display

207ppi density

Surface comes in two flavors, 720p and 1080p

Operating System


Windows 8 RT ,  Windows 8 pro

Look and feel

Sleek and better looking

Sleek, but difficult to hold

Battery Life


31.5 watt hours (Wh) and 42Wh for the two models.


two Wi-Fi antennas.

supports LTE over multiple carriers


$499 to $829

$400 to $1200 ( Windows 8 Pro )


16GB, 32GB, and 64GB

32GB and 64GB for the RT model, and 64GB and 128GB for the Pro model.



Smart keyboard – Cover is the keyboard


Lots of apps.

Few apps in market place.



microSD, USB 2.0,

 Micro HD Video, 2×2

MiMO Antenne

Microsoft is yet to announce the release date of Surface, however its expected to release this fall. The specifications mentioned above may have slight change once we see the actual product. The pricing also may see a change.