iPad Mini - Release date, Price, specifications ?

Apple seems to be coming out with its new iPad Mini soon. However Apple has just released its new iPad and its doing well in the market. The “new iPad” is actually the 3rd Version of this tablet PC. Apple’s iPad Mini is aimed to target the market captured by Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Google is coming out with Nexus 7 Tablet which has good reviews. However as of today, what we know is iPad Mini is just a rumor and there is no exact release date , price or any specifications revealed by Apple. If there is an iPad Mini it could be priced at $249 to $299 range as anything above that would be difficult to market. In MacRumors 23rd June report, Ming Chi Kuo said he expects the new iPhone to debut in September, possibly near the start of the month. The iPad Mini will then follow closely as a second act. The iPad mini, will have same thickness as the iPod touch 4G, with a screen measuring 7.85-inches. Kuo expects iPad mini sales should hit 1.8 million units . Kuo’s official word is as below "Though shipments of iPad mini’s components will start in August, the new iPad line will end production, ready for transition to a modified New iPad line. As such, component shipments will drop in August as iPad mini’s components shipments growth will be offset. On a side note, the modified New iPad shares the same exterior as the original model, but contains modifications to correct its thermal dissipation problem and lower-cost components"