Application Services Framework - Definition and Overview

Application Services Framework

Application services framework is a memory-resident software framework that integrates mediation gateways with enterprise middleware technologies (Web, message-oriented middleware, EAI, and application servers) into a common application service model that enables fast-launch, cost-recoverable, novel application services residing in the public network. This framework provides a systemic means of managing new and existing distributed services and tolerating unanticipated changes over time. Because it offers a migration path, application services framework represents an indispensable leap forward in the development of new services that can directly unite customers with service creation and management resources.

The immediate need of most service providers is to optimize the flows of information between their network and business-facing systems. Most are attempting to design change-tolerant processes that reduce the technology integration costs necessary to connect state-driven mediation engines of network operations with data-driven workflow engines of enterprise business systems. The complexity of developing and maintaining changes in application services infrastructure software is causing delays in new service deployment, longer payback times, and rising technology integration costs.

This tutorial discusses a technology that is more than a simple mouse trap for mediation. Service providers implementing an application services framework strategy quickly discover that the initial investment extends to provide flow-through processes for customer care and billing. In fact, mediation providers are adding application services framework to extend their own single-system integration tools into entire frameworks for automating and supporting back-office processes that link network services with telecommunications information technology (IT) and customers. This is the best evidence that using application services framework offers an efficient and survivable planning strategy.

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