Android App store ( Google Play) Vs Apple App store ( iTune Store)

So who has better applications for mobile phone. Is it android or Is it iphone. This is a common comparison today for most of the smart phone users who are either with android or with apple's iphone.

Recent numbers show that android marketplace has got double the number of free applications compared with Apple's App store. This means that for an android user you are more like to use and benefit from apps then compared with Apple user.

However its believed that Apple has overall more number of apps then google's app store.

Application Design, UI, and Asthetics - When compared on this dimension Apple has an advantage since iOS has some standard look and feel and the apps look more professional and user friendly. However this is a perception. With more players coming into Android market, this may soon become a level field.

As far as application stability is concerned, we have seen that applications crash, hang in both Android and Apple iOS. Check this report on what crashes more

Android market has caught up very fast and most of the popular apps and games of Apple are now available in Google Apps store. Temple Run, Astro file manager, Cut the rope, Double twist Air Sync, Dolphin browser, Gesture search, etc.

There is no trial period for apps on iTunes, this results in people asking for refunds, and refunds are hard to get from iTune App store. However when compared with Android App, you can get refunds and there is 24 hour trial period. So you dont have to worry about doing your homework .

Both Google Play and iTune store offers music, movies, TV shows, games and of course app

So how do you decide ? Well check out which app store has the apps that suit you the best, but in my opinion, very rarely you will find a popular app in one place and not another. So base your decision on other parameters when buying your phone and not just on App store.