5 Simple ways to permanently lose weight, feel energetic and not gain it back

Have you been trying to lose weight for many many years and have no success or gain your lost weight back ?
Have you tried many options and think nothing is working for you ? Question is not how to lose weight, its how to lose weight permanently

Read on my story and I am sure it will help you. There is no calorie counting , no measurements, its plain simple common sense.   My weight loss journey started 8 years back, when suddenly I had gained around 10 Kgs to 12 kgs or 25 Lbs in a period of 1 year. How did I managed to gain weight , it was simple, I ate a lot and did not exercise and once the buldge started showing up, I would do some light exercises and then eat even more thinking that exercise would take care of that. The cycle used to repeat every day  and after I had gained 10 kgs and almost 5 inches on belly, I started to control my diet.

I have taken many different forms of exercises like

  •  Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Working out in GYM both aerobic and anareobic
  • Working out at home
  • Doing mix of above.

Whenever I started losing around 1 Kg or 3 lbs, I again used to forget about the fact that I have to control my diet and used to gain it back in 1 month or so.

In plain simple words, my problem was eating, so to counter that, I started controlling my intake, I switched to diet coke ( and similar) tried eating fruits instead of fried foods, eating less than normal (stop when you are 80% full). What I failed to realize that I was still consuming as much calories, maybe it was helping me slightly but not too much. I manage to lose 2 lbs due to controlling food, but that's all the remaining 9 Kgs was still there and I would lose 1 to 2 kgs every year and gain it back.

I was tired and frustrated, not able to figure out what was the problem, it seems like I had tried everything and things did work, only it was not sustainable.

In last 1 year I have managed to lose around 8 kgs weight, I am still overweight but now its like a changed person. My waist size has dropped by 3 to 4  inches, So I thought It would be good idea to share my success story for benefit of others.

1. Permanent weight loss is about changing lifestyle, not just diet or exercise.

Understand this well, its a slow process, but worked for me. I realized that no matter how much exercise I do, the moment I stop doing I gain the weight back. So I started making changes to my daily routine, and adding more physical activity to my lifestyle. For eg: I would take steps instead of elevator, I became much more active at home and started doing household work which earlier was left to my spouse, I used to go for very short pleasure walks, which I then converted into short brisk walks, used to do light exercises while watching TV or talking on phone (with bluetooth).

These small changes initially did not have any results but in 2 months, my fitness level went up, because of which I was able to do even more physical activities, like resistance band exercises, light dumb bell exercises -- all of this at home while watching TV or talking on phone.

In around 4 to 6 months I was able to do even more physical activities , I used to do any one of the below daily

1. Walk 40 mins brisk
2. Climb 20 floors + walk 20 mins
3. Cycle for 30 mins
4. Work out at home for 30 mins ( resistance bands, some 4 to 5 Yoga poses)
5. Just walk around and take steps in my office campus and home.

Some weight loss started showing up. Remember during all this while I never controlled my diet, so now it was taking the next logical step, which is to continue with physical activities and reduce my food intake.

2. Reducing the food Intake

I am not even saying that I followed a diet plan. I am saying I just reduced my food intake. You can eat whatever you eat on the daily basis, just reduce the intake. So for eg: Reduce the portion size of your pasta or Pizza, If you are an Indian eating roti, cut down by 1 roti.

This along with the 1st step had tremendous positive effect on my overall health. I even started drinking more water. I bought a fancy attractive bottle from which I love to drink water.It was somewhere around 2 liters per day. I would look forward to filling up the attractive sparkling blue bottle daily and water seemed much more tasty and refreshing then juice or soda pops.

Time elapsed 8 months.

3. Avoiding the junk food

If you have successfully completed the above steps then the next logical step would be very easy for you. Which is to avoiding junk and high calorie foods like soda pops, pizza, pastas, ice creams etc. This will not be a big deal now. since you have already increased your fitness level, you have basic control over your food. Its like building the muscle, its slow start initially. You can barely lift 10lbs , but later on even 20lbs seems less weight. Hence as I said if you have completed 1st two steps, then giving up the unwanted high calorie foods will be very easy. Infact you dont have to give up completely, Just reduce very slowly and gradually, till you start seeing some noticeable results or increase in energy levels.

In my case I could never go without coke or sprite in a day. I had to drink some soda pop daily, likewise I used to have 1 glass of Juice, some chips and snacks like nuts, peanuts. Also after my full meals I used to take fruits and ocassionaly at night we used to go for ice creams.

Now I have completely given up sodas and snacks, I sometimes take some juice and we still go out for ice creams. I never ever have a feeling of being completely full. Because if you are full stomach you have much less energy and agility.

4. Love Hunger.

This is the most difficult step for anyone doing weight loss, and in my case it was the final icing on the cake. Remember, my baasic assumption here is that you are doing all of the above steps.

I was stuck at 4 Kgs and was not able to go any further, I wanted to reduce more weight, but was not able to figure out, what should I be doing next. My next step was fasting, yes It may sound difficult and many books and programs suggest against it, but it was effective for me.

I decided, that I will love the feeling of hunger, Hunger means that I am burning fat, not only that I felt more energetic, which is what I wanted. I started skipping lunch, the more hungry I felt the more I loved it. I used to tighten my pant Belt and drink water, it helped. I bought new pants which were 2 inches less which would press against my tummy and make me full in the afternoon.

To my surprize, my new pants started fitting me well after some time and I actually lost 3 kgs in 1 month. This requires a lot of discipline and commitment and if you are thinking you cannot do this, I would say you are wrong, If you have lost 4 kgs the feeling and energy you gain is wonderful and trust me fasting will feel difficult only for first 3 days after that, it would become a habit and feel normal.

I just had to ensure that I do not eat twice as much in evenings, otherwise the fasting is of no good. When I returned from work in evenings, I used to take a glass of milk, and it gives a feeling of being full and even used to control my evening diet. Let me tell you whatever you have read about milk, its a great thing for your body and trust me it will help you in your weight loss. Just dont drink too much milk. 1 small glass a day.

Overall in this phase - there was a huge control on my food intake and coupled with my daily exercise, I started slimming down very fast.

Net result is 8 kgs weight loss

5. Its still a continous process

I still have to lose 4 kgs weight,. So this is a continous process for me. But losing 8 kgs permanently is quite an achievement. Its been 16 months now and I have not gained those 8 kgs back. As a thumb rule if you can  lose weight and retain it for a year , in majority of cases you can consider your weight loss as permanent. You will gain it back if you start eating more again.  So what is my plan forward now, I will continue to do what works for. The same process I used to lose 8 kgs will be applied to lose the next 4 kgs.

So to summarize
1. Change your lifestyle and start slowly increasing your physical activity
2. Reduce the portion size of your meal
3. Avoid junk foods and foods which are high in calories, cut down or give up sugar
4. Fast for 1 or 2 months, love the feeling of hunger as it comes with increased energy.
5. Keep doing the above steps and you would become normal weight