100 Images, Graphics, Icons etc Resources, you cannot miss

Images and Graphic resources for web designers, graphic designers. If you are wondering where to find free images, free graphics, free vectors, free icon sets, you can either Google or find some hidden treasures here.

Images and Graphics

  1. FLICKR TOOLBOX: 100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts ( 8227 ) 
    A collection of 100+ Flickr tools for webmasters and designers. You will be surprised on how much more you can do with Flickr.

  2. Online Signature (Siggy) Maker ( 3670 ) 
    Online Siggy Maker - An Easy Cool Online Signature Generator for Free .

  3. Free Icons ( 3176 ) 
    The icons you see on this page are made by converting free stock photos from various sources into icons (PNG and Windows icons). These icons can be freely used, but the orginal copyright remains to their creator. Now get the icons and and beautify your projects with them :-)

  4. Sign Generator Widgets (Make Your Own Funny Pictures) ( 3162 ) 
    Make thousands of free clipart images VIA online templates without having to install any software (web based applications)! You can make banners, buttons, forum avatars, desktop wallpapers, fake errors, smilie faces, comic strips, logos, blog pics, safety signs, email sigs, personal flags, vanity license plates, warning labels, book covers, e-cards, celebrity deface, brand name parody/satire, controversial pix, etc. We supply the basic picture layout, you supply the funny text (famous quotes, slogans, jokes) to customize the captions!

  5. Free Logos ( 150 +) ( 3003 ) 
    We have a collection of over 100 free logos created by our designers available for download. As our collection is growing daily, be sure to check back often for more free logos.

  6. Stripe Generator - Free ( 2501 ) 
    Instantly generates stripped images for your websites and blogs . Can be used for most web graphics, including backgrounds

  7. The Open Photo Project ( 2401 ) 
    Free Stock Images

  8. Typo Generator ( 2109 ) 
    A online tool to generate Typo images based on the text entered. typoGenerator is a random generator for 'typoPosters'. a typoPoster is a poster, created from images and letters/text that doesnt have any sense, just to look good

  9. 24 + 1 Photography Podcasts you cannot miss ! ( 2073 ) 
    Video and Audio podcasts about Photography which can be a great source of information and inspiration for your photography. Each one can improve and support your daily photographic life and help you improve your photography.

  10. Luna Pic - Free online image editor ( 2046 ) 
    Lunapic has some great effects for you . Simply upload the image and you can start apply different effects. There is a lot of effects that you can apply and you are sure to find something that suits you.

  11. Free Stock photos at Pixel perfect digital ( 1993 ) 
    5000+ images in various categories, Sure to attract web designers.

  12. Photoshop Text Effects Round-Up: 51 Text Effect Tutorials Every Designer Should See ( 1959 ) 
    Photoshop Text Effects Round-Up: 51 Text Effect Tutorials Every Designer Should See.

  13. LogoSauce- Logo design, inspiration and information ( 1762 ) 
    Display your logos for free and search through logos for inspiration.

  14. Icons Pedia - Free Icons download ( 1737 ) 
    I found a lot of new and great icons packs and icons on this website. Everything is free for download. Website has great design, you can browse the icons fast and preview it. Two thumbs up.

  15. Warning Sign Generator ( 1723 ) 
    Quick four step Warning sign Generator.

  16. Icon Archive-Icons by category ( 1712 ) 
    A very extensive collection of icons, arranged by categories.

  17. Pic Markr - Add custom watermark to your images online tool ( 1701 ) 
    PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free. It is useful when you need to protect your copyrights or if you want to add comments to your photos.

  18. Free Icons at Dry Icons ( 1690 ) 
    High quality web icons for Free. Here you will find 4-5 sets of Free icons for download

  19. Top Rated Free Stock Photos ( 1679 ) 
    All photos on this web site are public domain. You may use these images for any purpose, including commerci

  20. FreeRange Stock Photos - Free ( 1677 ) 
    Free Quality stock photos for commercial and non-commercial use. Freerange is an advertising revenue supported photographic community - photographers get paid when users click on the ads that appear next to their submissions. Images on the site are either shot by Freerange Stock, drawn from Freerange archives, or contributed by a talented community of photographers.

  21. Free textures from Love textures ( 1675 ) 
    LoveTextures gives you Creative Textures in hi-resolution for print and on screen. The 201 stock photographs available on this site are 100% free. The only exception is that you do not redistribute, sell or host any of the photography found on loveTextures.com.

  22. ava7Patterns - Free Patterns images for your website ( 1641 ) 
    If you use patterns, backgrounds for your site, this website has got some awesome collection of images for it. I am sure you will visit and revisit not only to download but also to get some inspiration on your backgrounds.

  23. Load Info - gif Generator ( 1639 ) 
    Generate your loader gif images for your websites. This website has many variety of Load info generators.

  24. Icon Drawer - Free Icon sets on this page ( 1633 ) 
    These icons sets are free for personal non-commercial use.

  25. Free Public Domain Photo Database ( 1613 ) 
    PDPhoto.org is a repository for free public domain photos. Unless something is clearly marked as being copyrighted, you can assume it is free to use.

  26. Free Vectors by Vecteezy ( 1578 ) 
    Vecteezy is an index of Free Vectors available for download by some of the best designers around the world.

  27. Textgarden.org- Layouts for Textpattern ( 1558 ) 

    Textgarden.org, a central repository of downloadable Textpattern layout themes.Textgarden is a collection of downloadable "front-of-site" and "administration" themes designed to be used with Textpattern - the most versatile CMS that is freely available.

    If you don't already use it why not check it out using the link at the top of the page or go straight to the download page using that big, yellow button.

  28. FREE stock photos and images - Photogen: ( 1555 ) 

    FREE stock photos and images - search and download free high resolution photographs of animals, agriculture, architecture, backgrounds, concepts, nature, transport, travel and destinations, business and industry - free for commercial and personal use.

  29. Free Icon set from Webappers ( 1550 ) 
    3D effect and glossy style. There are 20 icons designed specially for web applications (e.g. Charts, Profile, Search, Add, Delete, Email, Print, Warning and etc…). Icons come in 3 sizes; 48×48 px, 32×32 px, and 24×24 px. All of them are in PNG format with transparent background. Web Application Icons Set is completely Free for both personal and commercial projects in any way you like.

  30. Free Psd Icons ( 1527 ) 
    Has a very good collection of free Psd icons you can use on your web page.

  31. Pattern4u - The Website of the Freelancer Koller Jürgen ( 1521 ) 

    The Website of the Freelancer Koller Jürgen currently has 260 Background-Patterns in their Gallery.

  32. User Interface Icons ( Free ) ( 1496 ) 
    A great collection of Free Icons for Software & Web Application Interfaces. The objective of this project is to provide high quality, free icons to software and web application developers at zero cost!

  33. Free online images at Image After ( 1488 ) 
    Image*After is a large online free photo collection. You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial.

  34. Web 2.0 Badge maker ( 1447 ) 
    Free online web 2.0 badge maker. They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. They might have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. They immediately attract visitor's attention, it's most over-used trendy little design technique in our days. Badges can be used for display a big 'Beta' message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion. No web 2.0 site is complete without one.

  35. Cool Text: Logo and Graphics ( 1438 ) 
    Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.

  36. Random Free Vectors-Foliage ( 1434 ) 
    This is a set of free foliage vectors made in Illustrator. They are available in AI, EPS and SVG formats.

  37. Picture 2 Life - Easiest way to edit , collage , animate pix ( 1424 ) 
    The easiest way to edit, collage or animate your pictures online.

  38. FlickrShow - Display Flickr PhotoSets on your website ( 1419 ) 
    flickrshow provides you with the simplest way of displaying your Flickr photosets on your own website. It is simple to install, completely free and doesn't require Flash or any server side programming knowledge. Generate your own code and install your own flickrshow now!

  39. Online Free Favicon Generator ( 1412 ) 
    Generate Favicon and see the preview as you are drawing. it takes few minutes to generate a unique Favicon. Enjoy

  40. BittBox - Free handmade vector files and design tutorials ( 1379 ) 
    Bittbox is a site full of useful, quick, to-the-point design tips, freebies and free vector.

  41. GIMP - Free Adobe Photoshop Like tool ( 1377 ) 
    GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages. This is the official GIMP web site. It contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it.

  42. 9 Best Websites For Designing Your Logos Online For Free ( 1376 ) 
    Logo Identity is the image used by a company which is designed to portray the company’s identity, aims and objectives. Logo identities were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations. This philosophy is manifested in a distinct corporate culture. Logo were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations. I believe you already know how important Logo is for any company. So, in this post, I am telling you to create your own Logo with these 9 online Logo creation sites for free.

  43. Tiled Background designs ( 1368 ) 

    Choose the background and see it in action immediately. This is one of the best demo sites I have seen. WHat's more the backgrounds are completely free and huge number of backgrounds are available. Even better --- You can customize the background images. Two thumbs up to this site.

  44. Free Foto : Stock photos ( 1352 ) 
    Another huge collection of stock photography. You are sure to find some great pictures here.

  45. Warning Label Generator ( 1350 ) 
    Fast and easy four step Warning label generator that can be used in your blog/website.

  46. Search for Free to use Images ( 1333 ) 
    Yotophoto is now indexing well over a quarter million Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other 'copyleft' images. Need an image for your project? Looking to dive right in? Read the quickstart guide and get searching.

  47. Lost and Taken - Free Graphic textures. ( 1306 ) 

    Texture GalleryFree graphic textures for your photograhy projects and graphic design. Good textures available on Paper, water, concrete covering huge spectrum of backgrounds you may need for your website or slideshows

  48. Free Icons for your Website or Application at Max Power ( 1292 ) 
    This website has a very good collection of icons that are absolutely free.

  49. Upload A Photo And Add 500 Effects & Templates ( 1286 ) 
    Many image tools to add more elements to your pictures like add WordArd (3D text), add people cutouts, add props (like a Oscar Award), add frames/borders and tons of layouts (fake magazine covers, digital scrapbooking, photocards, funny things, etc).

  50. FreePik - Search thousands of Free photos ( 1281 ) 
    Freepik helps you find free photos, ilustrations and vectors to use for websites, banners, presentations, magazines, advertising.

  51. Blue Vertigo List of Top Stock Photography and Textures sites ( 1276 ) 
    Has a huge list of Stock Photography, textures, etc categorized on the basis of free, cheap and commercial use.

  52. Comic Strip generator ( 1268 ) 
    The World of Comic Strips. The World of Strip Blogs

  53. Interface Lift - Free Icon Sets ( 1268 ) 
    Huge collection of icon sets for free download. Graphical user interface enhancements for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. We specialize in desktop wallpaper, icons, themes, and news with a focus on community. New content is posted virtually every day so make sure to bookmark us and come back often.

  54. Brusheezy-Free Brushes ( 1267 ) 
    Cool Brushes for your website/blogs.

  55. Huge collection of Free Icon packs. ( 1249 ) 

     A great collection of some of the best and free icon packs available on the internet.

  56. Dotted background generator - Free online ( 1248 ) 
    Free online dotted background generator. Great tool for website designers.

  57. Download Free Repeat Patterns - Pattern8 ( 1226 ) 
    Great site for your background patterns. you can search by color to quickly find what you want.

  58. Fast Icon - Free Icons ( 1217 ) 
    The FastIcon's Free Icons are available for download as standard Mac or Windows icons as well as a handy PNG files for Linux, web or blogs.

  59. Icon Base - Free Icons and community ( 1179 ) 
    Here you´ll find the best icons from the best artists in the world. The icons here listed belong to the individual authors and companies. They are free for personal and non commercial use. If you are an icon artist and desire to share your work with the world, this is your place. Just click on the submit menu and follow the easy steps to add your icons. We’ll be happy to showcase your work to the whole earth.

  60. StockVault.net-Resource for Stock Photos ( 1168 ) 
    Has a good collection of Stock Photos.You can also submit your own photos here.

  61. Wrapr - Flickr panoramic images wrapped to interactive panorama. ( 1167 ) 
    Wrapr is a mashup between Chumakev's Flash panorama player (FPP) and the Flickr API. Thanks to Wrapr, some of Flickr panoramic images can be wrapped into an interactive panorama. Wrapr enables you to embed - wherever you want - this new dimension. At the moment you can enjoy a first selection of Flickr groups, but we're always working on it, so stay tuned. Enjoy with us this new experience!

  62. Multi color flick search lab - Just pick a color ( 1165 ) 
    This is one of the most awesome sites I have seen, Just pick a color and it will show you all pics from flickr that are with the selected color tone. I was stuck on this site for quite sometime. Enjoy !!!

  63. Icon Finder - Best Icon Search engine ( 1155 ) 
    Just type in the keyword of the icon you are looking for. Has a good collection of many types of icons.

  64. Stock.XCHNG - FREE stock photo site ( 1149 ) 
    Whether you just want to browse our huge image gallery or want to share your personal photos with others, this is the site for you! Browse through the categories of our huge gallery containing over 250.000 quality stock photos by more than 25.000 photographers! Need a wallpaper for your desktop? Need a pic for your commercial website design? Looking for inspiration? Have a look around. Chat with other members in our forum! Looking for something? Need an opinion? Have a question? Post a topic, and someone will definitely help you out.

  65. Desktop Wallpaper Generator 2007 ( 1148 ) 
    Make thousands of free clipart images online without having to install any software (web based applications)! You can make banners, buttons, forum avatars, comic strips, logos, blog pics, safety signs, email sigs, personal flags, vanity license plates, warning labels, book covers, e-cards, celebrity deface, brand name parody/satire, controversial pix, etc. We supply the basic picture layout, you supply the funny text (famous quotes, slogans, jokes) to customize the captions! BUY as personalized gifts (fridge magnets, postcards, stickers).

  66. Unsafe Color Match Control Panel ( 1127 ) 
    Unsafe Color Match - create color themes

  67. Photocase.com- Prettying up internet ( 1120 ) 
    Photocase is a Community built on stunning, awe-inspiring, breathtaking photography. For Users, by Users, all their photos can be downloaded for commercial and private use, providing said use is in agreement with their Terms of Use. For photographers, Photocase is an ideal place to show-off, exchange, and make money with their photos. If it's high-quality, inexpensive, unique photos that you're looking for, Photocase is the perfect place for you to find your inspiration.

  68. Portrait Illustration Maker : Free ( 1107 ) 
    Let's make an original icon!!

  69. Free Glossy blogging icon sets for Bloggers ( 1100 ) 
    “Blogging Icons Set” specifically designed for bloggers. There are total 12 shiny and modern icons for your blogs. It comes with 3 sizes, 24×24, 36×36 and 48×48 in png format. Blogging Icons Set is released under Creative Commons License, please feel free to use it on your personal and commercial projects

  70. Free Icons: Function Icon Set, 128 Completely Free Icons ( 1099 ) 
    The 128 icons that you will find useful, they are only available in 48×48px. These free icons are exactly that, free! You can use them anywhere,

  71. The Great Flickr Tools Collection ( 1083 ) 
    Looking for Flickr Tools, hacks and services for a powerful photo sharing experience?. A very exhaustive collection of Official and third party Flickr tools on the web.

  72. Official Seal Generator ( 1082 ) 
    At this site you can generate your own seals for your website.

  73. Reflections.js - Image reflections ( 1078 ) 
    Reflection.js 2.0 allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. Features Fun and easy to implement! Just add class="reflect" to your images Automatically blends into background colours or images It's easy to vary the reflection height and opacity Can respond to user actions through Javascript Degrades in older browsers; they won't notice a thing! It's smaller in size than most images; under 5KB! It works in all the major browsers - Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+ and Safari. On older browsers, it'll degrade and your visitors won't notice a thing. Best of all, it's under 5KB.

  74. Image Optimizer ( 1070 ) 
    Image Optimizer lets you easily optimize your gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs, so they load as fast as possible on your site. Furthermore, you can easily convert from one image type to another

  75. Brand Spanking New - HoHoHo! Designs ( 1066 ) 
    Here are 113 10x10 greyscale icons in .gif format for use in web projects

  76. Free Vista Style Icons ( 1064 ) 
    VistaIcons.com is a collection of free Vista Style icon sets of over 2000 high quality icons in png and ico format. From VistaIcons.com you can freely download 256x256 PNG icons for Windows Vista.

  77. T.Y.P.O.R.G.A.N.I.S.M ASCII-O-Matic Generator. ( 1061 ) 
    Upload your image and get a T.Y.P.O.R.G.A.N.I.S.M

    This is scrumptious: whizbang color thingy from colr.org.

  79. Background Image Maker ( 1051 ) 
    Background Image Maker using various types, margins,linecolor, backgroundcolor,etc

  80. DesignPacks.com-Free Image Collections for web designers ( 1045 ) 
    Offers free, high quality image collections that can be use in both personal and commercial web design projects. Each collection features a group of 15 images that share a common theme. They have created dozens of collections based on a variety of themes.

  81. ACME Label Maker ( 1043 ) 
    Make a label!

  82. Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free! ( 1043 ) 
    create any size wall posters from any size images. Totally Free To Use!

  83. Free Vector drawing software - Drawplus ( 1040 ) 
    The amazing DrawPlus 4 is the user-friendly program that will enable you to achieve outstanding designs in no time at all. Create attention-grabbing text, decorative page elements and logos, as well as full-page illustrations, with little or no previous design experience.

  84. Free Graphics World ( 1037 ) 
    It provides you with a completely free and no-nonsense graphics resource site. Resources include- * Website Templates * URL Shortener * URL Redirection * Free CSS Templates

  85. Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together ( 1022 ) 
    This project aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that can be freely used

  86. KaveWall: Free Stock Photos ( 1011 ) 

    This website has really free stock photos, others just call their stuff free, but its paid. Tired of the same style stock photos ? Check out this site, some really great collection of stock photos that you can use for your site.

  87. Portrait Avatar Maker : Free ( 1004 ) 
    Let's make an original icon!!

  88. Awesome Website backgrounds ( 1002 ) 
    Some great collection of website backgrounds for any website. You can take inspirations from these and create your own backgrounds.

  89. FaceLift Image Replacement ( 993 ) 
    Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Javascript and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers

  90. Avatar Generator - Free online ( 989 ) 
    Avatar Generator - Free online tool. You can select for hundreds of avatar images and add the text you want to it to customize your avatar. Enjoy!

  91. Icon Pot - Totally Free Icons ( 974 ) 
    Whole bunch of icons which are all great to use for your web development projects. But we are different to other icon-related websites because we only list icons which you can use for free on personal AND commercial projects AND without having to provide back-links/credit to the author. These types of icons can be tough to find, so here is a while list for your convenience!

  92. Texture Library ( 969 ) 
    Over 850 textures, not all are free.

  93. Veer - Royalty Free stock photos ( 964 ) 
    Veer provides visual elements for use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Our products include stock photography, illustration, typefaces, and unique merchandise.

  94. Yellow Icons - Stock Icons for Download ( 951 ) 
    Dozens of Icon sets for downloads.

  95. Glossy.js- Spice up your Graphics ( 950 ) 
    Glossy.js 1.2 allows you to add corners and shading and shadow to images on your webpages (alternatively: corner.js). It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. It works in all the major browsers - Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, IE6+ and Safari. On older browsers, it'll degrade and your visitors won't notice a thing.

  96. Pic Findr - Stock photos ( 923 ) 
    PicFindr is a search engine that searches several free-stock-photo sites simultaneously, saving you LOTS of time.

  97. Squidfingers - Patterns ( 917 ) 
    The personal portfolio of Travis Beckham, a graphic designer currently working in Kansas City, Missouri.

  98. Convert Icon ( 906 ) 
    Convert ICO to PNG or PNG to ICO with this little web application.

  99. Picnik - Online Photo Editing made fun ( 837 ) 
    With Picnik you can quickly edit all your online photos from one place. It's the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to your photos. It's fast, easy, and fun.