Monitoring social media activity for offices and corporates

How do you keep track of your social media activity. ? Is your company's facebook and youtube activities within required limits ? . In todays times, there is an increasing need to monitor social media activity else you will be losing valuable productive times of employees, which will in-turn result into loss of precious revenue.

Statistics show that most online purchases are made at work. Are you paying for people to shop online or connect with their friends on Facebook?. Do you know what your internet connection is being used for today? . In order for you to have meaninful discussion with your employees, you should be able to talk with data and facts. You will be able to monitor activity remotely, log chats, log social media activity, and much more . It would be even better if there is a software which captures screenshots of EVERYTHING a user does on your computer, and then transmits them to your online account in real-time for remote viewing.

When I was looking for solutions , I came across a software called social spy. Social Spy is a powerful computer monitoring tool that runs on your computer and invisibly captures screenshots of whatever is happening on your computer and stores them in your online Social Spy account for convenient viewing, 24/7.

The Social Spy software installs in seconds and only requires you to enter in your account information before it can start monitoring your computer. Once started, it can transmit social networking activities, Internet activities, email and chats, or EVERYTHING the user does. Screenshots are transmitted as fast as you prefer (up to one per second) taking into consideration your internet connection and computer's performance.

Once monitoring is started, you can view all captured screenshots via your Social Spy account at any time. Screenshots are searchable, they can be downloaded in an archive format so you can save them all to your computer with a single click, and they can be viewed in an automated slideshow.


Social Spy is designed to run an in invisible fashion so that it will not alert the user it is running. It will not appear in the Windows task manager or Mac OS Force Quit list, and it will not reveal itself to the user, ever, if so desired. Screenshots are always transmitted 'behind the scenes' so that computer usage is not interrupted.

Your Social Spy software and account are both password protected so only you can access them. While being a secure, stealth computer monitoring software solution, Social Spy is incredibly easy tool to use. You only need to enter in your account details after installing and you will be set to start monitoring your computer.