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A huge collection of Cisco certification related free practice tests, study materials, forums, Flash cards etc. CCNA and CCNP being the most popular certifications, you will find more tests on those topics. CCIE, CCENT, CCDP, CCDA materials are also listed on this page. Feel free to share with your friends so everyone can benefit.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

is a certification program for entry-level network engineers that helps maximize your investment in foundational networking knowledge and increase the value of your employer's network. CCNA is for Network Specialists, Network Administrators, and Network Support Engineers with 1-3 years of experience. The CCNA validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. Check more info at >> CCNA

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CCNA Security Flashcards

Network+ Study Guide (Prerequisite reading)
CCNA Study Guide (640-802)
The Cisco Hierarchical Model
The OSI Model
Joy of Hex
Subnetting (PDF)
Subnetting 123
What are Broadcast Storms?
Broadcasts, Hubs, Routers, And Switches
MAC Addressing Formats And Broadcasts
Guide To ARP, IARP, RARP, and Proxy ARP
How Ethernet CSMA/CD Works
Cabling Cisco Devices
Router and Switch Commands
Passwords and Network Security
The Config Register and Password Recovery
Telnet Passwords and Privilege Levels
Distance Vector Protocol Commands
Port-Based Authentication
Configuring Basic Router Security
Setup Mode
How And Why To Build an Etherchannel
Physical and Virtual LANs
Cisco VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol
Trunking and Trunking Protocols
IP default-network vs. Default Static Routes
Buying And Configuring A Frame Relay Switch
Frame Relay DLCIs and Mappings
Frame Relay Encapsulation Types
Frame Relay BECNs and FECNs
Frame Relay LMI And LMI Autosense
HDLC Configuration And Troubleshooting
Variance and Unequal Cost Load Balancing
Floating Static Routes
Configuring PPP Callback
Case Study: Frame Relay, Pings, and Routing

640-801 CCNA

CCNA TechLabs:

 640-821 CCNA INTRO


The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

certification is accepted worldwide as the most prestigious networking certification in the industry.

CCIE Free Practice test


 Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions. The CCNP certification is appropriate for those with at least one year of networking experience who are ready to advance their skills and work independently on complex network solutions. Those who achieve CCNP have demonstrated the skills required in enterprise roles such as network technician, support engineer, systems engineer or network engineer.

CCNP Free Practice tests

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Buying And Configuring A Frame Relay Switch
Cabling Cisco Devices
Setup Mode
EIGRP Adjacency
EIGRP Adjacencies and Secondary Addresses
EIGRP and Split Horizon
EIGRP Dual Queries, SIA, and Stub Routers
OSPF E2 Routes vs. E1 Routes
Floating Static Routes
OSPF Autonomous Border System Routers
OSPF and Passive Interfaces
Route Summarization and The OSPF Null Interface
Clear Text OSPF Neighbor Authentication
Troubleshooting Route Redistribution
Route Redistribution and the Seed Metric
ip default-network vs. Default Static Routes
Introduction to BGP
BGP Neighbor Process

Server Load Balancing (SLB)
How And Why To Build an Etherchannel
Trunking and Trunking Protocols
Getting Started With HSRP
The HSRP MAC Address
QoS Service Types
DHCP Snooping
An Introduction To Multilayer Switching And SVIs

Priority Queuing
Qos Models

 642-801 BSCI (CCNP/CCIP)

 642-551 SND (CCSP)

Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

certification is for senior network design engineers, senior analysts, and principal systems engineers, who discuss, design, and create advanced addressing and routing, security, data center, and IP multicast multi-layered enterprise architectures. This includes virtual private networking and wireless domains and it focuses on the design components of larger networks. The CCDP curriculum includes building scalable internetworks and multilayer-switched networks, and designing network service architecture.

642-901 :: CCDP BSCI
642-812 :: CCDP BCMSN

Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

is for network design engineers, technicians, and support engineers, who enable efficient network environments with an understanding of network design fundamentals. A CCDA certified network professional demonstrates the skills required to design basic campus, data center, security, voice, and wireless networks.

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

validates the ability to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network, including basic network security. With a CCENT, a network professional demonstrates the skills required for entry-level network support positions - the starting point for many successful careers in networking. The curriculum covers networking fundamentals, WAN technologies, basic security and wireless concepts, routing and switching fundamentals, and configuring simple networks. CCENT is the first step toward achieving CCNA, which covers medium-size enterprise branch networks with more complex connections.

CCENT Free Practice Tests

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Network+ Study Guide (Prerequisite reading)
The OSI Model
Subnetting (PDF)
Subnetting 123
What are Broadcast Storms?
Broadcasts, Hubs, Routers, And Switches
Physical and Virtual LANs
Frame Relay LMI And LMI Autosense
HDLC Configuration And Troubleshooting

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