Domain registration - How to choose registrar wisely and save money.

When you google for “domain name registration” you will get some big names like Go Daddy, Big Rock,, 1and1, , NameCheap, Net4in etc.

Each of the top registrars have some plus points and negative points. The main business of selling domain name registration is not as profitable and hence most top registrars use some irritating techniques and you will ultimately end up spending much more for your domain registration then the registration fee. See the articles below and check out why you should avoid Big Registrar’s like Godaddy when you want to register domain names



When you read this you will realize that you are actually going into a trap when using their services.

When registering domain names you will have to look for trusted registrar who will not try to sell 100 other things to you and somehow get your money. There are many trusted registrar who have excellent reputation and reviews in many domain name forums like, and many more.

These registrars not only offer domain names for excellent low prices but have got very good customer service. They even offer Privacy protection , managed DNS and Emails. You can forward your domain names all this for FREE. If you choose to make a small website , then the cost of hosting is also very low. is one such registrar which has been in the business for 9 years and continues to win the hearts of the clients with low prices and excellent customer service. They offer 1000s of domain name extensions, this will ensure that you will not miss the name which is really appropriate for your business. Extensions like .club, .bharat , .photography .guru , .clothing will ensure that you get the best name possible for your organization, business or institution.

When new extensions come , offers pre-registration. Pre-registration lets you place an order for a domain before its made available to the general public. Once placed, the moment the domain becomes available, we attempt to purchase it on your behalf. In case the domain is not available, your money is refunded. The new extensions will become available for purchase over the course of the next 12-14 months. Use our pre-registration service to ensure that you get your domain as soon as it becomes available.

So choose wisely when registering a domain name and don’t fall into the trap of going with big guys and get ripped off.