Web Development

100 Images, Graphics, Icons etc Resources, you cannot miss

Images and Graphic resources for web designers, graphic designers. If you are wondering where to find free images, free graphics, free vectors, free icon sets, you can either Google or find some hidden treasures here.

99 Wacky CSS resources - Tutorials, Layouts, Optimizers, Editors and lots more.

CSS keeps advancing. Now we have CSS3 . CSS is very easy to master if you have the right resources and websites that give you the required insights. See below the collection of 99 such websites which will help you take your skill level in CSS to next level. 

60+ Best Templates sources for Websites, Wordpress, Blogs that can't be found easily

If you are looking for Free templates in XHTML , CSS, Wordpress, Blogger, Logo templates , flash templates or CMS this is the place to be. You will not find these 70+ templates sources easily in Search Engines. We hope you find this page useful and share with your friends.

Domain registration - How to choose registrar wisely and save money.

When you google for “domain name registration” you will get some big names like Go Daddy, Big Rock, Domain.com, 1and1, Register.com , NameCheap, Net4in etc.

Each of the top registrars have some plus points and negative points. The main business of selling domain name registration is not as profitable and hence most top registrars use some irritating techniques and you will ultimately end up spending much more for your domain registration then the registration fee. See the articles below and check out why you should avoid Big Registrar’s like Godaddy when you want to register domain names

22 Free High Quality stock images sites for commercial use

I always wondered how can we stop paying for images and use any damn image for website or commercial use. I did not like the idea of paid stock images. So I went discovering on www and I have found the below list of websites which are really useful FREE STOCK IMAGES for commercial use , without any attribution what so ever. Check the license column for exceptions. No Royalty, no restrictions for almost all of them.