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Getting rid of addictions

It’s no secret that we live in the Age of Instant gratification and addictions. All addictions are due to  easy availablity  of resources which otherwise were not available before.  This is a personal guide to overcoming the instant gratification to which we’ve all grown accustomed. 

Why? What’s wrong with instant gratification — isn’t it true that You Only Live Once and that Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed?


How to speed up your Android ICS or Jelly Bean phone

Things that do not help in correcting the problem
  1. The most common advice that you will get when you ask how to make your android phone run faster ? is to do a factory reset. While this seems to fix the issue, please understand that its only a temporary solution, the moment you install the apps back the problem of sluggishness and lags will reappear.

Solving marriage (wife) problems and tips for happy married life

Generally people have complaints about their wife not being upto their expectations or she does not care for me? Or she is not close to me Either the wife is dominating, or nagging, or not doing what she is supposed to do - it can be anything like not preparing food, not keeping house clean, not caring for kids or getting angry, she can be demanding or not understanding.broken heart


Rise Early - Tips and Tricks to make waking up early a habit.

Did you try to rise early and failed?  You probably tried a lot of methods, but nothing works on consistent basis. ?

Getting up early is just mind over matter. if you dont mind , it will not matter. What does waking early do for you?  on a kinesthetic level, you can imagine, the morning is quiet as the world hasn’t begun stirring, the perfect time for meditation, writing, exercise and some quiet reading.


20 Workout and Fitness routines for Normal people and Geeks

Below are some of my best collection of workout routines for Normal people , who are office goers , geeks and people who want to remain fit but dont have time to go for gym workout. Check out the links below, I am sure you will find a couple of them helpful and even if you can get one good takeway from this article my job is done.

Workouts and Fitness routines.