5 Simple ways to permanently lose weight, feel energetic and not gain it back

Have you been trying to lose weight for many many years and have no success or gain your lost weight back ?
Have you tried many options and think nothing is working for you ? Question is not how to lose weight, its how to lose weight permanently

Read on my story and I am sure it will help you. There is no calorie counting , no measurements, its plain simple common sense.   My weight loss journey started 8 years back, when suddenly I had gained around 10 Kgs to 12 kgs or 25 Lbs in a period of 1 year. How did I managed to gain weight , it was simple, I ate a lot and did not exercise and once the buldge started showing up, I would do some light exercises and then eat even more thinking that exercise would take care of that. The cycle used to repeat every day  and after I had gained 10 kgs and almost 5 inches on belly, I started to control my diet.