How to deal with Difficult people

Difficult people and difficult conversations are part of our life especially when you are doing a high profile work and dealing with many people on daily basis. The trick is not to get bogged down by difficult people, but to develop and art of influencing difficult people to make the conversation resourceful and productive.  In our routine life the conversations with Boss, Spouse, Neigbours, Friends, Co-workers, have tendency to get difficult.

20 Tips to Avoid snacking

How to avoid snacking

1. Drink water
2. Feel good that you avoided for 5 mins
3. Check if any pending phone call to be made

if you still feel like snacking

4. Take a walk for 5 mins
5. As you walk think about 3 reasons you want to lose weight
6. Listen to music or check your messages on your smart phone

if you still feel like snacking

7. Check if there are any pending items from Todo List
8. If you dont have a Todo list create one now