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If you are looking for Free templates in XHTML , CSS, Wordpress, Blogger, Logo templates , flash templates or CMS this is the place to be. You will not find these 70+ templates sources easily in Search Engines. We hope you find this page useful and share with your friends.

  1. 50 Beautiful Blogger templates with Screenshots. ( 2909 ) 

    Are you tired of looking at the default 16 templates that Blogger provides? We decided to search for some of the different-looking Blogger templates and found dozens of pretty creations, many inspired by themes from Wordpress and other blog hosts.

  2. Huge collection of Beautiful Free Website Templates ( 2885 ) 
    These templates are as good as Premium paid templates on other sites. You dont have to link back and they keep adding new templates frequently. Templates are mostly HTML / XHTML format

  3. 12 FREE CSS Templates | Bookmarks ( 2685 ) 
    This blog is about CSS, WordPress, Web 2.0, Web Design, Google, Blogging and general IT tips.

  4. Free WordPress Themes - Quality free WordPress Themes ( 2666 ) 
    Collection of free quality WordPress themes with a graphical and textual preview available for each theme. Sorting and search feature available as well.

  5. Top WordPress Themes ( 2603 ) 
    This is a list of best top WordPress Themes, WordPress Skins and WordPress Templates.

  6. Open Source Templates,Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates ( 2514 ) 
    Open Source Web Templates, Free Website Template,Free CSS Templates,Vector Graphic Designs and Logos, Website Designers Victoria BC,Nautica Series Web site Design

  7. Free templates by Art for the web ( 2357 ) 

    Free web templates, articles and forum.

  8. Website Templates - CSS and XHTML based ( 2245 ) 
    Website Templates - Tableless web templates built using XHTML and CSS.

  9. Interspire- Free Web Templates ( 2231 ) 
    Dozens of web site templates, website layouts, newsletter templates and logo templates, that you can download free of charge.

  10. CSSFILL.COM - Free CSS layouts and templates ( 2057 ) 
    CSSFILL.COM provides free CSS based layouts and templates.

  11. Free CSS Templates - Excellent CSS and WordPress template collection. ( 1930 ) 
    Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web! All these CSS templates are: * 1. Table free in its design (no tables have been used for layout purposes). * 2. The templates are light weight, so that it won’t take too long to load. * 3. W3C Standard compliant. * 4. Comes with public domain photos, provided by Wikimedia Commons and PDPhoto.org. * 5. And comes FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

  12. Master Templates ( 1923 ) 
    MasterTemplates offers free website templates, powerpoint templates and logo designs.

  13. Free Flash Templates ( 1875 ) 
    ree-Flash-Template.com offers web templates and intros with tons of special features. You don't need any flash knowledge, just open the text file included with every template and change your text. It's really that easy! . Template manuals are included with every download

  14. Blogger Templates ( 1853 ) 
    Links to the scripts for each template provided , you are free to download and use them. Instructions on how to use the templates are given .

  15. Theme Corp ( 1796 ) 
    Beautiful Word Press themes.

  16. Erratic Wisdom - Free Website Templates ( 1729 ) 
    Clean, Professional and good looking website templates.

  17. Effex-Media- Free Website Templates ( 1717 ) 

    Free Website Templates by Web Designers

  18. WordPress Themes by Sadish ( 1717 ) 

    WPThemes.Info is a website, where you can download free WordPress themes, created by Sadish Bala.

  19. 45+ Free Premium WordPress Themes with Magazine or Grid Layouts ( 1637 ) 

    One of the biggest visual collection of Free Premium WordPress Themes, most of them have magazine or grid layouts.

  20. Snakeye Dreamweaver Web Templates ( 1574 ) 
    Snakeye Web Templates is a Free Dreamweaver Web Templates Resource. Free Website Templates and Web Page Templates provide users who are new to the internet web site development world, with an amazing way to learn how to create web pages and web sites

  21. Free Layouts - Website / Blogs / CMS Templates. ( 1536 ) 
    Templates for Web designers inexperienced, or just needed some inspiration for their designs. Over 500 templates, with more and more templates submitted daily. You can find Blogs, CMS and Website templates ( XHTML / CSS )

  22. Free Templates from Template Monster ( 1496 ) 
    Some good collection of Free website templates and Free flash templates.

  23. Layouts 4 Free ( 1469 ) 
    Thousands of free & premium web layouts, businesscard layouts & logo layouts.

  24. TemplatesFeed - Your best source for free templates ( 1455 ) 

    Free templates collected from around the web. Free Css, xhtml, 2.0 templates all available to download.

  25. Free Layouts - Free Web Templates, CMS Templates, MySpace Layouts ( 1454 ) 
    Free Layouts.com offers free website templates to website designers who were inexperienced, or just needed some inspiration for their designs.

  26. Free Web Templates - Free Flash Templates ( 1444 ) 
    TemplateNavigator.com is the largest on the net catalogue of free and professional website templates and free flash templates.

  27. 960 Grid system ( 1394 ) 

    The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. There are two variants: 12 and 16 columns, which can be used separately or in tandem.


    Web Designer Depot featured an article on writing less code by styling tags directly. Nettuts has both a tutorialand video. WooThemes wrote a post entitled “Why we love 960.gs.” There are also articles in Spanish [1] [2] and Swedish [1] [2].


    In addition to design template files, there are app plugins for Photoshop and Fireworks included in the officialdownload. Additionally, DMXzone has created a Dreamweaver extension and templates, available free to members of their site.


    The 960 Grid System is free to use, and may be repurposed to meet your specific needs. Several projects have already spun off, including versions that were built to be fluid and elastic. Additionally, it is has been adapted as a theme for Drupal.


  28. Six Shooter Media - Free Templates ( 1367 ) 
    Free CSS Templates, for your viewing, downloading & using pleasure.

  29. 45 Free excellent wordpress templates ( 1347 ) 

    Some designs on this page you will never be able to take your eyes off. Free Themes don’t have to be ugly, cluttered,and boring, Some Designers offer high quality Wordpress Themes for free you can use them for your personal and commercial projects without any restrictions. Here Dzineblog Presents 45 Best Stylish Free wordpress Themes Still, before using some of the themes, throw a glance at the license agreements

  30. Effex-Media - Free Website Templates by Web Designers ( 1344 ) 
    Effex-Media.com - Free Website Templates, Hosting Services and Webmaster Resources

  31. Template Navigator ( 1340 ) 
    TemplateNavigator.com is the largest on the net catalogue of free and professional website templates and free flash templates.

  32. Kaushal Sheth - Free Wordpress Themes and Blogger Templates » Wordpress Themes ( 1313 ) 
    Elegant Templates offers you proffessional and Elegant website templates website design templates, flash templates, flash intros and lots more and get your skill of designing come out with more expertise.

  33. ThemesBase.com ( 1309 ) 
    Free Templates and Themes for Download

  34. Andreas Viklund - Free website templates ( 1304 ) 
    Free XHTML/CSS website templates. They are free to use for any purpose without any limitations or obligations. One of the most popular templates on WWW.

  35. FreekTemplates - Free Templates, Free Web Templates, Free Template Downloads ( 1275 ) 
    FreekTemplates.com offers free and professional website templates for successfull web development! At our website we aim to provide high quality design tools for web masters, web developers and just web design beginners.

  36. Free Web and Flash Templates ( 1274 ) 
    TemplateNavigator.com is the largest on the net cataloged of free and professional website templates and free flash templates. They have collected and systematized an immense number of links to free website templates with their previews

  37. Open Source Web Design-Free Web design templates ( 1242 ) 
    A site to download free web design templates and share yours with others. Open Source Web Design is a collection of web designs submitted by the community that anyone can download free of charge!

  38. Free Templates by Art for Web ( 1233 ) 
    Ready to use Free Website templates for your website or for your clients.

  39. Solucija-Free and Commercial Templates ( 1225 ) 
    These are free XHTML / CSS website templates available to use without any limitations. They can be used on a noncommercial site aswell as on a commercial one. Keeping a small credit link in the footer is not obligatory but shows your appreciation and support. All templates are hand coded and lightweight (under 60KB) which ensures fast loading. They can be easily used as a standalone templates or in combination with sNews to create a fully dynamic site.

  40. Template box - Free Templates ( 1208 ) 
    This website has some great and FREE Website templates, Free Flash Templates, Free Logo Templates, Free newsletter templates, Free Website graphics, Free Banner templates and so on.

  41. Free Photoshop Web Templates - Website Design ( 1189 ) 
    TemplatesBox.com offers free website templates, free photoshop web templates, free flash templates, free logo templates, website design, photoshop tutorials, html tutorials, webmaster tools, free newsletter templates, free abstract images, free wallpapers and much more webmaster resources.

  42. Ideas - 12 Free CSS Templates by Twentythree ( 1186 ) 
    Ideas and Tutorials by Twentythree

  43. Land of Free WordPress Themes ( 1162 ) 
    Lots of free WordPress Themes to beautify your site !

  44. Open Source Templates ( 1154 ) 
    Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates

  45. Free Web Templates - Good for medium size sites ( 1141 ) 
    Some well designed FREE Web Templates.

  46. Templates Feed - free templates and themes ( 1133 ) 
    Some good collection of Free templates

  47. FreekTemplates.com ( 1131 ) 
    Free Flash,Business,Hosting Templates.

  48. Particletree - Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layouts ( 1127 ) 
    Particletree is the beginning of something. This place, this collection of knowledge, is a gathering of forces, a sharpening of skills.

  49. Free Website,Logo and Newsletter Templates-Template Workz ( 1125 ) 
    Their templates are free to download and use for your personal and business projects. They ask that you put a link back to our site if you use their graphics.

  50. Free Website Templates - Web Design Templates - PowerPoint Templates ( 1106 ) 
    MasterTemplates offers free website templates, powerpoint templates and logo designs.

  51. Free Css Templates ( 1099 ) 
    Free Css/Xhtml Templates

  52. Solucija's - Free Templates ( 1064 ) 
    These are free XHTML / CSS website templates available to use without any limitations. They can be used on a noncommercial site aswell as on a commercial one.

  53. Steve's Free Website Templates ( 1047 ) 
    This site provides free web page templates which are nice looking, professional and can be used free for personal and business websites. If don't know how to design a web page or are in a hurry to get a site up, templates are the perfect solution. All templates and graphics on this site are original (with the exception of Premium Templates).

  54. WebDesignHelper.co.uk ( 1029 ) 
    WebDesignHelper.co.uk has been created to help other web designers, both professional and amateur, create better looking sites of their own. Unlike other similar sites that concentrate on how the pages works, flashy bits of new code and HTML tutorials, they concentrate on the visual side of web design.

  55. Wordpress Theme Generator ( 1028 ) 
    This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

  56. Initializr - HTML5 templates generator ( 1026 ) 
    Initializr is an HTML5 templates generator to help you getting started with an HTML5 project. It is built on HTML5 Boilerplate, a powerful HTML5 template created by Paul Irish and Divya Manian. Initializr will generate for you a clean customizable template based on Boilerplate with just what you need to start.

  57. 25 Unique and Free Wordpress Templates ( 1022 ) 
    25 Free Wordpress Templates that are really nice and unique. I have also bundled them in a single pack, scroll down to the end of this post. Okay here are they with their Demo and separate Download links:

  58. WebDesignHelper.co.uk - Page Templates ( 984 ) 
    Page Templates Homepage - Access to all the different templates that we have available

  59. Floral Linkware Sets ( 981 ) 
    Beautiful linkware for personal use.

  60. Ricky's Free Web Templates, Logos, Buttons. ( 976 ) 
    Site where you can find a lot of free web templates, web buttons, logos and web sites graphics, all original.

  61. Free-Flash-Template.com - Flash Templates and Intros ( 969 ) 
    Customizable flash templates and intros, providing open source and FLA files ready for instant download

  62. TemplateWorkz - Free Website Templates, Free Logo Templates, Free Newsletter Templates ( 963 ) 
    TemplateWorkz.com - your first stop when looking for free or premium web graphics: download free website templates, free logo templates, free newsletter templates plus many other graphics and webmaster resources

  63. Ricky's free web templates, web logos, web buttons. ( 950 ) 
    Site where you can find a lot of free web templates, web buttons, logos and web sites graphics, all original.

  64. Zymic Templates ( 947 ) 
    Zymic offers a large amount of quality free templates, free tutorials, free resource downloads and much more

  65. Six Shooter Media » Free Templates ( 945 ) 
    Free CSS Templates, for your viewing, downloading & using pleasure.

  66. Theme Viewer ( 937 ) 
    Theme Viewer provides WordPress users with the opportunity to view the huge amount of themes available and allow them a quick test run or demo at the same time. It is a simple methodology and it worked.

  67. Joyful Heart Designs :: Floral Linkware Sets ( 933 ) 
    Joyful Heart Designs - Floral Linkware Sets

  68. Zymic- Free Templates and Tutorials ( 921 ) 
    Zymic offers a large amount of quality free templates, free tutorials, free resource downloads and more.

  69. Painted Pixels - Linkware Web Templates, Shareware Web Templates, Background Tiles, Buttons ( 919 ) 
    Web page templates, royalty-free clipart, background tiles, buttons, free psp tubes, free psp frames, incredimail letter styles, OE stationery, scrapbook kits etc.

  70. Blogging experiment - best wordpress themes, clubs, Hosting ( 760 ) 

    Free, premium and best wordpress theme information, Information on theme clubs, wordpress hosting . They have their own wordpress theme called best. Check out the website you may find it useful if you are into wordpress.